Water Fountains

Water Fountains Tucson

Water fountains add grace and beauty to an existing pool, spa or landscaped area. Their calming sound and aesthetic provides that unique environment that makes it very easy to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Cimarron Circle has been designing and building custom water features and fountains in Tucson for some 40 years. Our award-winning designs have accompanied pools, spas, backyards and walkways to bring unique beauty to you, your family and those you entertain.

Water features do not necessary need to be expensive or large. Our designs take into consideration your needs, space and budget. It might be a simple water fountain in your back yard, or a cascading rock waterfalls that empty into a pool or spa. They can be either practical or decorative – we can help you build your vision with you.

Here are just a few ideas of what we have built:

  • Water Fountains
  • Water Feature or Fountain Repair
  • Cascading Rock Waterfalls
  • Contemporary Water Features
  • Pool Integrated Spouts
  • Water Jar Features
  • Mosaic Waterfalls
  • Spillways
  • Water Walls
  • And Much More

Regardless of what you envision, we will develop the perfect feature to accompany any area, walkway, path or business.

Add beauty and intrigue to your backyard

Water features that are designed around existing or new pools are meant to highlight the beauty of the surrounding area, or create a functional addition to your pool or spa. They can greatly enhance the visual beauty of any pool and increase the value of your property along with proper landscaping. On occasion, we are asked to make water features to drown out noise from outside the yard.

If you have been considering adding a water feature or water fountain to your Tucson home or backyard, we invite you to call us today at 520-881-2777 and we can show you a wide variety of options to help show you what is possible on any budget.