Raised negative edge pool

Apr 01, 2015

This particular pool is unusual because it’s out of the ground all the way around.

The technical name for such a pool is “raised pool”. It differs from the regular “out of the ground” pool in that it’s a permanent concrete structure, not a removable container/vessel hooked up to the water system.

It has a vanishing edge where the water goes goes down into a slot, before being recirculated back into the pool with the help of a hidden pump.

The spa follows the same set-up with water overflowing all the way around the spa, down into the pool and then recirculated into the spa with a pump.

The far-end of the pool is built as a negative edge, as opposed to a vanisihing edge: the water appears to be flowing over the edge, but it really isn’t. This side of the pool is raised approximately 3 to 3.5 feet out of the ground.

The interior of the pool uses Pebbletec.

You can share this negative edge pool using the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/HU0UK0GvlW4