In Business Since 1978… and still A+ with the BBB

Nov 16, 2017

Cimarron Circle Construction is about to celebrate its 40th year in business in Tucson in early 2018. Yes, 40 years! In the context of a couple, this would be our “Ruby Anniversary” of marriage with Tucsonans and their pools.

There are many reasons to celebrate, indeed.

We survived several recessions and depressions, and thrived in very good times when the real-estate industry was booming in Tucson. During these years we perfected our process, our planning and our people: how to build pools in the most efficient way for our clients, while delivering a great experience from beginning to finish. From the blueprint to the first dip into sparkling blue waters to the correct maintenance to keep your pool pristine.

Not to toot our horn and congratulate ourselves too obviously, but this is precisely because we always sought for better ways to build, more sophisticated technologies and more stunning looks that our small business grew through good and through tough times.

We are today the only pool builder in Tucson capable of building a perfectly operational rooftop pool (with glass walls, to boot!). We did it successfully twice for the student body of the UofA, and are now building a similar feat of engineering in Phoenix and there are plans afoot for us to build another one in our city. More to come about it…

The title of this blog post is “In business since 1978… and still A+ with the BBB“. This is excellent news to celebrate.

A look at our page on the BBB website shows that there is no complaint against our company. This clean record is a reflection of the history of our company.

Here is the BBB page where you can verify this:

The significance of an A+ rating with the BBB is not to be overlooked. The BBB reviews a company against 13 different criteria before assigning it a rating. The rating depends on how well the business is doing against each of these criteria. Here is the list:

BBB rating system










Source: BBB

As you can see, the BBB list is pretty substantial. It covers consumer/business complaints and the way they were handled, including arbitration outcomes; the history of the company; the quality of their business practices and conformity with board licensing requirements; their advertising practices; their relationships with the government. And then some.

To get an A+ rating, a business must have a score of at least 97/100.

What does this means for the consumer? What does this means for you?

Simply put, if you do business with an A+ rated company, you are pretty much assured (1) to be well-served and (2) to receive true value for your money.

This is particularly important in the business of building pools.

For most home owners, a pool is a large investment. It increases the market value and the curb appeal of a residence. It is a family area where all have fun and can relax. It is also a status symbol. It is a social venue, whether used as a meeting place for neighborhood families or as a lieu where ‘friends from high places’ come to congregate around Martinis and cocktail wieners.

Whether ultra-sophisticated like natural rock pools and glass-edge infinity pools, or classically shaped like rectangular and kidney-shape pools, this investment is sizeable when compared with the value of a home. You want it to last as long as possible and cost you as less as possible considering the type and size of your pool.

The A+ rated pool builder will not just provide top-notch engineering and construction methods, excellent design skills and financial stability, they will also give you sound advice on all aspects of your project from inception to completion. They will make sure the building process is efficient so that it produces minimum disruption of your life during the construction phase. They will work with you intelligently on the funding of the operation. They will ensure your pool takes its natural place in your backyard or on your estate to maximize its curb appeal and the value of your property.

These are but some of the reasons why the BBB does such a thorough job in investigating a company to determine if it is worth the A+ seal. Trust… but verify.

And so on this 40th year of continuous business in our city of Tucson, we rejoice that Cimarron Circle still pass muster. Our unblemished record at the BBB is a testament to the strength of our process, the accuracy of our planning, the dedication and training of our people.

Our Ruby Anniversary is a big date for Cimarron Circle, undoubtedly. There is only a handful of local companies in Tucson that are 40-year old, that can say they are still owned by the original founding family, that they have been in business continuously that long, and that their clients love them enough that the BBB awards them an A+ rating.

We are one of them.