Commercial Pools

The commercial pool builder with the highest marks in Tucson for engineering, budget control and deadlines

Building a commercial pool, whether for an apartment complex or for a gated community, is a very different endeavor from building a residential swimming pool. The maze and complexity of the building codes is staggering. It takes years of experience to successfully tackle a commercial pool project and bring it to good end, on deadline and within budget, which keeping it profitable. Cimarron Circle has 40 years of pool building experience under its belt, and we can now assert that no commercial project is too big, too small or too challenging for us.

In the gallery at the bottom of this page you will find examples of commercial pools we designed and built. One very notable project is the rooftop pool that you can admire in the first row of pictures. Rooftop pools are major engineering challenges. (See article on the topic.) Not many swimming pool contractors can tackle successfully this type of projects. We did, and at the time this page is published we are about to start two other major rooftop pool projects.

One of the features we like in commercial pool projects is that the projects are usually BIG: the pools are big, the decks are big, the plumbing and water lines are big, the pump and filtration systems are big, and sometimes the landscaping project around the pool is pretty big too. It’s always rewarding for a swimming pool builder to drive big, successful projects. BIG is beautiful. And this is where all our engineering skills shine most. Our real-estate development clients appreciate the work we do, and the fact we are on budget and on schedule.

If you are considering a development project and need a reliable commercial pool builder, call Rob Staples at (520) 881-2777 to discuss about the size of the project and the general idea behind it. We are a fully licensed General Contractor with multiple licenses allowing us to tackle practically all aspects of a commercial pool construction project.