3D Pool Renderings Help Homeowners and Pool Builders Visualize and Design Intelligent Projects

Jul 20, 2015

3D rendering of a pool at nightAny time we design any significant pool construction project, Cimarron Circle starts with a 3D rendering of the swimming pool and the area around it. This pool 3D rendering shows the pool and the property in daylight and at night. Illumination plays a huge role in the homeowners’ experience with their pool and their backyard, and 3D renderings are unique in their capacity to show the appeal of a design at night.

They enable owners to visualize how much more attractive their home will be and how fun it will be for the family to live around the pool. The pool builder can then suggest changes to the home owners to improve the design of the whole area.

As an example, the spa in this project is detached from the pool itself. This allows for the creation of a second ‘social area’ where adult guests can relax while children are playing in the pool a little further away. This design also allows to make better use of the space available on the property.

3D renderings help visualize how trees will impact a project. Wind blows tree leaves and flowers into the pool, creating more microbial life and promoting the growth of algae. Trees themselves can form a barrier to the sun and lower the temperature of the water. Skillful pool building will take care of this factor by moving trees further away from the pool and by selecting trees according to foliage and predictable height when fully grown.

In certain States, the law requires building a fence around the pool to help prevent accidental falls of small children. When designing the area immediately adjacent to the fence, the pool contractor must take this factor into account to maximize space and safety. Pool 3D renderings help visualize how family activities will “flow” around the fence and enable the pool contractor to re-arrange the various elements of design to create the space necessary for unhindered fun. It may be necessary for instance to install contraints such as planters or bushes to limit the possibilities for children to run into the fence.

The shape of the pool will also take place in the geometric arrangement of a garden. In this project, the pool is a rectangular pool which mirrors the classic surface area of the estate. A kidney-shaped pool would not have felt as integrated as this classic shape.

Notice how the shallow end of the pool is designed: the lounge chairs stand in 18 inches of water. This allows the owners to sun tan in the water, for a more comfortable exposure. This design also allows young children to play safely in a relatively large area because the incline to the deeper area of the pool is very progressive.

This 3D rendering of a swimming pool project is designed by Doug Staples, President of Cimarron Circle. If you are thinking about building a pool in your property, please subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-h2ydrAupFIRYk0sE7ZgQ) to receive more design ideas. We update our channel often, and we also feature superb projects of other pool builders for a richer experience.

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