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We are an award-winning pool builder operating in Tucson for 40 years. Our innovative swimming pools have received Gold, Silver and Bronze awards year after year. Our family-owned company has been featured in magazines, received the Angie’s List Super Service Award and became the Home Advisor 2015 Winner in the Best Swimming Pool Services & Contractors category.

From your high-quality backyard swimming pool to an elegant desert oasis complete with built-in spa and water features, our reputation speaks for itself. When you build a swimming pool with Cimarron Circle, you are 100% sure the result will be stunning and exceeds all your expectations.

The key to our success is in a proven building process. We work very closely you to understand fully how you will use your pool and how you would like to accentuate the surrounding area. The entire building process is centered upon delivering the swimming pool experience that you wish for, perfectly integrated into your property. We use 3D CAD software to show you exactly how your swimming pool will look like once built.

Two wonderful thank-you letters received from clients… We had to share them!

“…We haven’t had the opportunity to meet you [Doug Staples] personally but we’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a number of your employees and subs who do work for you. We’re so glad we chose your company to build our somewhat unique pool. Your employees have been really wonderful to work with and so have your subs. People showed up to do work when they said they were going to come and, believe me, having just built a new house as well, that’s a rare circumstance. So, thank you for hiring quality people who do great work.
I want to particularly cite John Lowther for special mention. He has been a wonderful site supervisor who worked effectively with our landscape contractor to coordinate work schedules. He has kept us informed of job progress and has been here on site when we needed him. After we filled the pool he came out on *Easter Sunday* to start the equipment running and do other pool start-up procedures. He did this, not at our request, but at his urging. He felt it was the best thing for the pool. In our opinion, John is one of your company’s greatest assets. Thank you.” ~ Laurie and Verne Loose (Apr 4, 2018)
“…We are very, very, VERY happy with the entire experience with you guys and your subs. It has been topnotch all the way! Also, we really appreciated their friendliness, personable demeanor during interactions with us and the fact that all of them smile all day — even when they think I’m not looking! lol  There was zero goofing off and we enjoyed watching them all do what they do. We loved these guys! Seriously, kudos to a job done beautifully, quickly, artistically, good naturedly and reliantly. All around 100% thrilled so far. Can’t wait to get in it! Thanks a million to all of you at Cimarron and subcontractors. We will not hesitate to make recommendations to anyone who asks. Cheers!” ~Terri & Gene (Nov 21, 2015)


In a letter dated July 1, 2016, Jim Werkmeister, Sr. Vice President of Klinger Constructors, LLC praised Cimarron Circle for the completion of a pool construction project carried out by Cimarron Circle under Klinger.

The community pool was built in the amenity center of an active adult community in Albuquerque, NM.

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We also offer landscaping services. Our pools and spas typically include a wide range of options for landscaping to create an outstanding outdoor environment. Even if you don’t intend to build a swimming pool, our landscaping designs and services will compliment your Tucson home perfectly.

As you plan your new custom pool, spa, landscaping or outdoor kitchen, we invite you to call Rob Staples at Cimarron Circle (520-881-2777). We would love to sit down with you and explore how we can help you achieve the stunning environment that you wish for yourself and your family.


A Great Variety of Pool Designs

We have been recognized year after year for excellence in design by our peers and the media. In addition to standard pools and spas, some of our unique designs include some of the following types:

Contemporary Pools

Contemporary pools use modern styles and aesthetics to give your environment a very high end look and feel. From modern lighting to water feature techniques, we design and build these pools with your specific styles in mind. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that we will achieve the final look that is most desired in both form and function.

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Curved & Dipping Pools

Curved pools became a trend a few years ago when designers started creating pool offsets and integrating pools in the design of the house itself. Dipping pools are miniature pools: large than a spa, they allow people to swim but not olympic-style laps. These design options are for homeowners looking unusual pools, whether because they don’t want a very large pool, or because their property does not lend itself to a classic pool.

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Negative Edge Pools

What better way to minimize the barrier between you and nature than a negative edge pool or an infinity pool? These pools are harmonious and very unique in style. They present remarkable technical challenges that we have fully conquered. Our pool builders would love to share with you interesting ways in which your overall design plans could incorporate the extraordinary . Natural rock and negative edge pools can be combined to create a wonderful look.

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Natural Rock Pools

Utilizing natural rock features in your pool nestle you somewhere between utter relaxation and pure delight. Our pool builder’s experience in blending fabricated elements with nature’s own hand creates retreats that quite literally flow from one to another, without a seam.

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Geometric Pools

Simplicity of line, and shapes that fit any number of configurations, geometric pools provide a host of options for your splash zone. At Cimarron Circle, we provide the same valuable service, quality craftsmanship, and attentive management of the process no matter what the size of your pool.

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Commercial Pools

Pools and spas for large scale commercial properties such as hotels, reports and country clubs carry their own unique challenges and rewards. Our expertise in managing projects, budgets and timetables has proven our ability to handle these types of projects time and time again.

>> We just finished the pool of the Ventana Canyon Racquet Club: check it out… >>

Rooftop Pools

Rooftop pools are a very specialized type of commercial pools. The latest one we built in Tucson sits atop the 4th floor of a student housing building at the University of Arizona. As you can see in the photo gallery this pool has glass-edge walls, an engineering tour-de-force considering the forces at play against the structure of a building at this height.

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