Our Pool Building Process

Cimarron Circle’s pool building process centers around adding expert insight to your vision of the perfect dreamscape.  We combine xeriscapic planting and low maintenance pools with the best pool equipment in the industry.

Take a moment to explore our comprehensive building process and discover why we probably are the right choice for your next project…

Step 1: Consultation

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It all starts with a comprehensive design service. We can either meet with you at your home or you can visit our office. We initially consult with you about the details of your unique outdoor space requirements, and together we create a whole concept from your vision.

Our building team then takes this concept to develop a comprehensive sketch that outlines the details of your specific space in color and in scale. These drawings will enable you to get a glimpse of what the finished space will look like as well as make adjustments before we proceed. We are also using a 3D rendering software which allows us to offer you a very realistic look.

Step 2: Preparation, Rendering and Estimating

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The next phase consists in taking the information we gathered both during the consultation and conceptualization phase and applying it in a 3D environment. Our 3D CAD pool software gives you a complete idea of what the finished space will look like through a basic “fly-by”.

You can watch examples of 3D renderings in these 2 videos:

During this phase, we calculate the cost of the project, and prepare the best options for materials and pool equipment.

Step 3: Building the pool and the surrounding area

Work can now actually begin. As we begin, we provide you with photos of the build-out to enable you to see how we work. Our process is designed to underscore the trustworthiness of our services and the integrity of our work.

During the building phase our superintendent constantly monitors the progress of the site and is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Step 4: Completion

Cimarron Circle - Tucson Pool builders

We wrap up the project in its smallest details and provide you with a completion-of-service consultation to cover the scope of the project. We also run through any instructions on the function and/or maintenance of your new pool, spa, electrical options, etc.

During this final phase, our pool building team answers any last questions you may have and ensures everything functions 100% properly. Cimarron Circle remains available for any additional questions you may have.

Page updated: Nov 17, 2017