Vanishing edge pool with a tear shape

Apr 01, 2015

The first picture in this video shows the grass area on which we built the pool shown a bit later.

The owner really liked this area and asked us to build the pool following the tear-shaped design of the grass patch.

The second picture shows this vanishing edge pool once we had built it. This is actually once of the very first vanishing edge pools we ever designed.

The water flows over all the way around. We used a black PebbleTec interior and the tile around this pool is made of black granite.

On the left side of the pool, you can see the container in which most of the water flows before being pumped back up into the pool.

At the far end of the pool, we constructed a raised platform on which the owner decided to erect a statue.

All around, a very uncommon design for a pool in the Tucson area.


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