What are “Spools”? The hybrid solution for small backyards

Oct 13, 2015

A spool is a cross between a spa and a pool.  It is actually a small pool with benches and jets like a spa. The primary advantage of spools is that they don’t take up much room.  They are a good solution for smaller yards.  Another advantage is that they don’t take long to heat up, therefore the cost to heat and the wait for it to heat are much lower and shorter than with a regular-size pool.

With a smaller body of water, spools are easier to cover during heating season.  Using a bubble cover can save as much as 40% in heating costs and decrease the heating time significantly.

One of the disadvantages, of course, is you can’t swim laps or have a big pool party. But you can install a stationary swimmer such as those sold by Endless Pools. This type of motor is mounted on the deck and creates an artificial current you swim against. It’s a great solution for training at home and keeping in shape when you built a spool in your yard.

Another disadvantage to spools is that they cost almost as much as regular size pools.  The reason for that is because every trade (excavation, plumbing, shotcrete, etc.) has to come to your home to build it.  Those trades charge for their travel and the time to get out their tools to do the work, whether they work of an hour or a day.  So, you are paying a sort of penalty to have a small body of water built.  Note that the same holds true if you just build a spa.

Bottom line, if you don’t have a yard big enough to install a full-size pool, a spool is a great way to circumvent the problem and enjoy your garden that much more.

Cimarron Circle has years of design and engineering experience to help you build a spool that will be the highlight of your yard, with minimal disruption of your family life during construction. Call us at (520) 881-2777 to discuss your needs. We offer a free technical consultation to help you understand the ins and outs of your spool project.