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Tucson Pool Builders

Cimarron Circle has been designing and building pools and spas for 40 years in Tucson, Arizona. We have won a number of awards for our excellence in design. Our customer-focused process is what continually fuels our reputation of quality and where we attribute our success. Cimarron Circle specializes in custom pools, spas, landscaping, outdoor living (such as ramadas and kitchens), water features and service. We take pride in every project that we complete, from large custom pools with cascading waterfalls to modest yet high quality basic residential pools.

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The decision to build a pool is critical for your needs, environment and budget. It will provide your home with additional value and enrich your life. We intend to give it the attention and dedication worthy of that call.

Custom Pool Options

We are often recognized for excellence in design by or peers and the media. In addition to standard pools and spas, some of our unique designs include some of the following types:

Contemporary Pools

Contemporary pools use modern styles and aesthetics to give your environment a very high end look and feel. From modern lighting to water feature techniques, we design and build these pools with your specific styles in mind. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that we will achieve the final look that is most desired in both form and function.

Standard High Quality Tucson Pools

Not every pool or spa needs to win an award or be labeled as the most creative on the block. These residential pool options are for home owners looking for a basic, yet high quality pool to add value and function to their backyard. Where we can offer more modest features, our standard pool options remain the best quality in Tucson and we stand by our reputation. If you are considering building a pool in your backyard, please give us a call today!

Negative Edge Pools

What better way to minimize the barrier between you and nature than a negative edge or infinity edge pool? Energizing you as the sun rises, and relaxing as it sets, the view doesn’t get any better. These pools are at once harmonious and unique in style. Our pool builders would love to share with you interesting ways in which your pool plans can incorporate this beautiful feature. Natural rock and negative edge pools can be combined to create a wonderful look.

Natural Rock Pools

Utilizing natural rock features in your pool nestle you somewhere between utter relaxation and pure delight. Our pool builder’s experience in blending fabricated elements with nature’s own hand creates retreats that quite literally flow from one to another, without a seam.

Geometric Pools

Simplicity of line, and shapes that fit any number of configurations, geometric pools provide a host of options for your splash zone. At Cimarron Circle, we provide the same valuable service, quality craftsmanship, and attentive management of the process no matter what the size of your pool.

Commercial Pools

Pools and spas for large scale commercial properties such as hotels, reports and country clubs carry their own unique challenges and rewards. Our expertise in managing projects, budgets and timetables has proven our ability to handle these types of projects time and time again.