Pool and spa combination for a townhouse in Tucson

Apr 23, 2015

This little pool and spa combination is in a townhouse located on a fairway, the fairway you can see right outside of the wall or enclosure with the wrought iron.

The mesquite tree along the wall affords you some privacy from the golf course.

The pool decking is a flagstone deck; the interior is a PebbleTec.

On the back wall of the pool, covered with tile, you can see 3 water features that spit out water when they are turned on.

The spa is raised which makes it a “set and spin”: you sit on it, you swing your legs over.

It has a spillway where the water flows from the spa into the pool. When you want to use the spa, you turn 2 valves around, which isolate the spa and enable heating just the spa itself.

At the end of the pool, next to the spa, you can see an underwater bench where people can sit and discuss with those using the spa.

On the deck level next to the spa, a fireplace – a nice feature to have when the temperature goes down: the proximity of the fireplace enables you to continue using the spa.

On the spill way, right on the top of it, you can see a ceramic owl. This was put there as an effort to keep the birds from sitting on the spillway to drink water. The owl doesn’t do a very good job: it doesn’t move, so birds figure out after a while that it’s not a threat.

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