Infinity Pools (Vanishing Edge Pools)

Building infinity pools in Tucson

An infinity pool (technically called a vanishing edge pool) has the same look as a negative edge pool except the water flows over the edge.  Where the infinity edge (or vanishing edge) is designed, we depress the bond beam, or top of the wall, of the pool by 3”.  The waterline tile is installed on a cant, or slope.  This cant can be sloped either to the inside or the outside of the bond beam.

Many, if not most, of the infinity pools are built on a property that has a slope so that the water looks like it just flows off into space.  The outer edge of the pool wall is out of the ground and therefore it has to have a tile face so that any calcium from the water can be easily removed.  This is one reason why the cost of this infinity pools is higher.

Another reason for the extra cost is the necessity to build either a trough to collect the water as it flows over, or to install an underground tank to house the water so it can be pumped back up into the pool.  If the pool is on a slope, the works necessary to form and shoot the pool up out of the ground also increase the building costs. In all, these additional costs can amount to anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000, but once finished, any well-engineered infinity pool looks absolutely stunning!

Infinity pools require more engineering indeed.  As an example, the pool builder has to calculate the size of the trough (or tank) to accommodate additional water from a heavy bather load or a fall of 1” of rain.  Another instance is the calculation of the place where to mount the automatic water leveler that will be used to resupply the pool in water due to evaporation.

For all these reasons, building infinity pools is serious business. When you select your pool contractor, you ought to ask for their portfolio of infinity pools, and whenever possible, verify how their pools behave by checking directly with other homeowners. Cimarron Circle has built scores of infinity pools in Tucson and surrounding areas, and we will gladly show you our portfolio and arrange for meetings or calls with some of our clients should you want to verify the quality of  our engineering and design work.

If you think of building an infinity pool to transform your property into a stunning estate, call Rob Staples at (520) 881-2777. We will discuss the configuration of your property and evaluate your needs and requirements without commitment on your part. This process takes time, so take this into account in your construction plans.

We uploaded a short video about our infinity pools to YouTube. The gallery below illustrates a number of infinity pools built in Tucson and surrounding cities by our company.



There is also an excellent article published by WebUrbanist on the topic of infinity pools with many stunning photos of such pools.