We built their pool: Terri & Gene share their experience

Nov 24, 2015

We built their pool: Terri and Gene share their experience with Cimarron Circle

“…We are very, very, VERY happy with the entire experience with you guys and your subs. It has been top-notch all the way! Also, we really appreciated their friendliness, personable demeanor during interactions with us and the fact that all of them smile all day — even when they think I’m not looking! lol  There was zero goofing off and we enjoyed watching them all do what they do. We loved these guys!

Seriously, kudos to a job done beautifully, quickly, artistically, good naturedly and reliantly. All around 100% thrilled so far. Can’t wait to get in it!

Thanks a million to all of you at Cimarron and subcontractors. We will not hesitate to make recommendations to anyone who asks.

~Terri & Gene

Technical notes on the pool

The 13,500-gallon in-ground swimming pool is encased in a light tan travertine deck, designed in an elegant 4-piece Versailles pattern. The travertine originates from Turkey.

The pool is ornamented with a natural boulder water feature using surface silex from the Catalina Foothills. Its solid black and brown colors make it interesting to look at.

The pool is 6-foot deep at the deep end with a “pool blue” Pebbletec finish. The pebbles are actually white but the water takes on a light blue color.

At the shallow end, the owners asked us to build a sunshelf or pool lagoon. At 16-inch depth, this small platform allows little children to play in the pool without danger, and adults to sunbathe in the warmer waters of the shallow end. We also installed a sleeve for a shade umbrella that will protect the children from the harsh Tucson sun during the summer months.

To keep the pool clean, we used a Pentair variable speed pump, an energy-saving pump. The timer on the back of the pump can be set to run for 2-3 hours a day to clean the pool floor; then the timer controls the pump to lower the number of gallons-per-minute to reduce energy consumption.