3D rendering of El Corredor pool

Apr 03, 2015

This 3D rendering with a fly-over show a pool with an irregular shape built on 3 levels:

  • spa
  • shallow platforms
  • deep end.

The 2 underwater platforms flanking the spa are 1-foot deep. They enable guests to relax in the water without having to swim. It also ensures a cooling factor when you are on the lounge chairs because the deck will always be warmer than the shallow waters: they do not reflex heat, they absorb it. Great for children too.

Designing 3D renderings of the pools we build is a part of our process: homeowners do not always visualize the final result on a 2D blueprint. Rendering the blueprints in 3D and adding a fly-over gives a much more complete immersive experience.

For real-estate developers, 3D renderings are becoming an indispensable sales tool to pre-sell on plans. We are glad to assist our commercial clients in their sales efforts by providing them very detailed 3D renderings of  any pool and pool areas we build. The same observation goes for architectural firms: animated 3D renderings work better than elevations to provide clients with the immersive experience needed during the preparation phase of any project.

Technically speaking, this particular fly-over isn’t complex, but we added a cool touch with the sunset and a night view of the pool.

You can share this pool 3 rendering using this YouTube link.

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